Do it Yourself Barbecues

We will season/inject your pigs and chickens to perfection and put them on poles. You will be responsible for pickup and drop off of the equipment. A $100.00 refundable security deposit is required for each set of equipment. Charcoal can be purchased for $15.99 per bag. A 5.6% sales tax will be added.

Equipment you may need: Shovel for coals, extension cords, generator (if at a park with no outlets), cutting table, oven mitts, aluminum foil, lighter fluid, thermometer, tent (if weather requires), beer and friends!


  • 10 seasoned chickens on a spit
  • $99.99.


  • 20-30 lbs $5.99 lbs
  • 30-40 lbs $4.99 lbs
  • 40-50 lbs $4.49 lbs
  • 50+ lbs $3.99 lbs

Pig and Chicken Special

  • 50 lbs. Pig
  • 10 Chickens
  • 6-20 lbs bags of coal
  • 6 Large bags of ice
  • $429.99